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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Ranking Divisions by Quarterback

8. AFC East
It's hard to put this division in last after the Patriots signed Cam Newton, but the rest of this division still isn't that strong.  A healthy Cam could carry this division and move them up a spot or two, but we haven't seen him fully healthy in a few years.  Sam Darnold has struggled in New York, mainly because of the supporting cast, but still hasn't shown his ability to be a top quarterback in the NFL.  Although he had a decent season in 2019, Ryan Fitzpatrick's age is starting to show, but he did lead his team in rush yards.  This ranking doesn't change if Tua Tagovailoa starts because he's a rookie and hasn't proven anything.  Josh Allen is a solid quarterback, but has accuracy issues, especially on deep passes.  Allen is also a threat with his legs, but can rely too much on his mobility at times.

7. AFC South
Deshaun Watson is arguably a top seven quarterback in the NFL, but the rest of this division is definitely sub par.  Philip Rivers had a terrible season in 2019, in part to his terrible offensive line.  He may be able to turn it around in Indianapolis with a top three offensive line in the league.  Ryan Tannehill is solid, but nothing special.  The Titans offense relies heavily on the run game which opens up the play-action for Tannehill, which he excels at.  He fits the Tennessee system great, but isn't asked to make a ton of difficult throws.  Gardner Minshew had a promising rookie season, but hasn't show enough yet to be considered a good starting quarterback.  The Jaguars traded Nick Foles demonstrating their confidence in Minshew, but it may be another couple seasons before he becomes a top tier quarterback.

6. NFC East
This division is heavily carried by Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz, two arguably top ten quarterbacks in the NFL.  This division is also weighed down by Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins.  Daniel Jones was a rookie in 2019 and showed lots of flashes, but had a severe fumbling problem leading the NFL with 18.  If he can even cut that number in half, he should look to make a big jump in year two.  Haskins had a rough rookie season in Washington, but it wasn't all his fault.  The offense is lacking at all positions in Washington with a below average offensive line, virtually no tight ends, and one good receiver in Terry McLaurin.  If both Haskins and Jones can take second year leaps like a lot of quarterbacks do, this division could be in the running for first place.

5. AFC West
Patrick Mahomes is the primary reason this division is not any lower.  A former MVP and reigning Super Bowl MVP and he's only been in the league for three seasons.  Mahomes is the future of the NFL and has shown Hall of Fame level talent already in his young career.  Derek Carr is a safe quarterback, but isn't anything special.  He had one of the highest completion percentages in the NFL last season, but doesn't have that big play ability a lot of better quarterbacks have.  Drew Lock has only played five games in the NFL, but he looked solid in those games.  Of those five games, he had three games under 200 yards and one over 210 yards.  Lock could have that second year jump as well, but he has not played enough to have this division higher.  The Chargers have both Justin Herbert and Tyrod Taylor.  Herbert is a rookie and hasn't played a snap in the NFL, but he may not even start right away.  Taylor was a solid quarterback in Buffalo and even took them to the playoffs, but he's been a backup ever since.  His game relies a lot on his legs, but Tyrod has a good arm as well and can make most throws.

4. AFC North
Much like the AFC West, this division is carried by the reigning MVP in Lamar Jackson.  He is an amazing runner as he broke the rushing record for a quarterback, destroying Michael Vick's record.  Ben Roethlisberger is a Hall of Fame quarterback, but missed nearly all of the 2019 season due to an elbow injury.  If healthy, he is arguably a top ten quarterback in the league and could easily return to form in 2020.  Baker Mayfield had a great rookie year, breaking the touchdown record and leading the Browns to one of their best seasons in a while.  He's shown some flashes but struggled in 2019 because of awful play calling and lack of pass protection.  Joe Burrow is a rookie, but had the best college football season in history, winning the National Championship at LSU.  Burrow could easily make the Bengals much better than they were in 2019.

3.  NFC North
Aaron Rodgers had a slight down year in 2019, but continues to play at a high level.  He is no longer an elite quarterback, but still has the ability to lead his team to 12 wins and the NFC Championship game.  Kirk Cousins is in a run heavy offense, much like Tannehill, but Cousins has a much better arm.  He has an above average deep ball and can run a play-action like no one else.  Matthew Stafford is and has been severely underrated his entire career.  Without him, the Detroit Lions wouldn't have more than three wins in any season.  Stafford carries the Lions every year, but has struggled to stay healthy the last couple seasons.  The Bears have quarterback competition entering the 2020 season between Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles.  Trubisky does not look good and hasn't ever really looked good.  Nick Foles has had a unique journey in his career and has a Super Bowl MVP under his belt.  He will probably win the starting job and look to take the Bears back to the playoffs in a very competitive NFC North.

2.  NFC West
Russell Wilson is without a doubt the best quarterback in this division and debatably the best in the NFL, despite not having a single MVP vote.  Without Russ, the Seahawks would not have the success they've had, making the playoffs every year since 2012 except 2017.  Kyler Murray had a very promising rookie season, showing his ability to both run and throw the ball.  He has a cannon of an arm with insane accuracy and is ridiculously quick.  The offensive line struggled in 2019 and the weapons were average, but he should look to take a huge leap in 2020.  Jimmy Garappolo is another quarterback in a run heavy offense, but excels in this system.  He isn't asked to make difficult throws often, but can if he has to.  Jared Goff led the Rams to the Super Bowl in 2018, but hasn't been able to repeat that level of play since.  The offensive line took a big step back, Todd Gurley's arthritis impacted his play, and Brandin Cooks missed a lot of play time with a concussion.  Goff can return to form if the rest of his team is healthy.

1. NFC South
Every team in this division has a great starting quarterback.  Tampa Bay just acquired the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady, who still has some left in his tank and is on a mission to prove that he doesn't need Bill Belicheck to win.  He also has arguably his best supporting cast ever.  Drew Brees is getting old as well, but still has great accuracy and ball placement.  The arm strength is starting to dissipate, but with a receiver like Michael Thomas, he doesn't need it.  Matt Ryan had a down season and still finished as a near top ten quarterback.  He has a top receiving duo in Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley and his offensive line should take a step forward in 2020.  Ryan can make every throw in the book and continues to lead one of the highest powered offenses in the NFL.  Teddy Bridgewater is the worst quarterback in this division, but he's still a great starter.  Bridgewater has struggled with injury early in his career, but he is still only 27 years old.  In a new system with underrated weapons in D.J. Moore, Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel, and Christian McCaffrey, Bridgewater should succeed in this offense.  The defense will let up a lot of points though, so the Panther's record won't reflect Teddy Bridgewater's efforts. 

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